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Return of Black September - Muslimgauze

call me my name or usernames. Go with whatever pronoun is the funniest.

This is a website for all things "me", my life and interests and creations.

Bosnian/Iraqi/Polish from Sarajevo, grew up in US. I speak English and Russian with relative fluency and I've been studying Arabic, Bosnian, and Latin collectively for a little over a year. Balalaika and bass player. I like death, languages, music, postmodernism, and obviously HTML/CSS. Proud Linux User. Northeastern Gothic.

Check out my listography for lists of favorites and reading/watch lists. I'll mess around with this site and change things how I see fit whenever since I mostly want to learn HTML and make a site I'd wanna see.

♥ HRT date 19 July 2022 ♥

links: goodreads | bandcamp | | ao3 | listography | Mastodon

websites that have helped me through making my own:

w3schools (basic and in-depth guides for just about everything to do with html and css)

youtube (use this to host videos easily. images can be stored directly on neocities by making a dedicated folder for uploading them) (removes backgrounds from images)

internet bumper stickers (MAKE YOUR OWN BLINKIES)

graphics-cafe (graphics)

cutewebgraphics (graphics)

geocities-zip (graphics)

oldwindowsicons (old icons/graphics)

xvisualtreasure09x (fave blog for weird internet finds, graphics, gifs, pngs, etc)

geocitiesdig (more graphics and gifs)

ange1fire (old web graphics)

animatedglittergraphics-n-more (fave blog for dividers, stamps, gifs, and themed graphics/pngs)

deviantart (one of the best places to find stamps and miscellaneous page deco)

gifs-paradise (gifs)

magiclanterngraphics (mostly weird 3d gifs)

bloggif (all-in-one site for animated text, add glitter and effects to pictures, and make and edit gifs)

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!


какой ты чай?

Which senator from the late Roman Republic are you?

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The pictured frog, a Red-Banded Rubber Frog, releases a milky toxic substance through its skin, and is toxic to both humans and other frogs.

Want your own? Visit!

site updates

30 September 2023 - new finished artwork added to the gallery
3 August 2023 - finally completed the layout of the blog page and added the directory. Posting is fully functional :)
2 August 2023 - new finished artwork added to the gallery
1 August 2023 - new finished artwork added to the gallery
27 July 2023 - Made A LOT of progress on my blog page, changed literally everything and my current goal is to add a directory to actually sort posts
25 July 2023 - Finished creating and adding scene to container 1 on 'mystuff' page
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