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my art

Please note:

This is the ONLY place online with a full archive of my art. I previously posted on my Tumblr blog called "xavierrenegadeangel" which I've been locked out of since my account was termed. This is now the only place that features all of my visual art and anywhere besides here or my old blog that features my art without credit is NOT me and did not get my permission to repost.

I welcome requests (via discord or email as usual) which if I complete will post here. I like drawing characters, backgrounds, anthros, mech, and pretty much everything else.

my characters (wip)

Tools of trade

I mostly use Krita for digital artwork and photo manipulation. It's practical and professional-feeling enough to use to warrant watching a couple tutorials about things like brush settings and alpha layers. I believe it allows for 2D animation, but that's something I've only dabbled in and I can't speak to how good or bad it is. I can say that the whole user interface is subpar without proper customization.

With traditional art (I'd rather define it broadly as physical art) I like using graphite, ink, gouache, acrylic, alcohol markers, colored pencils, and whatever's around, usually as mixed media on watercolor paper, cardboard scraps, or canvas. I default to using ink pens and a range of graphite drawing pencils on watercolor or mixed media paper.

How I feel about my art

I would like to never sell my art, do commissions, or otherwise rely on making art as a profession. I am a hobbyist. Anyone claiming to sell art of mine whether as merchandise or anything else is fraudulent. The art I make is always deeply personal and intentional, and I can only hope as genuine an expression of myself as possible; I don't make art for it to be bought or sold or enjoyed or observed by anyone else. It is me and it is mine.