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In the past few years I've steadily learned HTML/CSS and some Javascript in the hopes of establishing a space on the internet that I feel represents my body of work and personal aesthetics most sincerely. The only social media website I've ever really used is Tumblr, for reasons of customization, privacy, and lack of censorship, and since the late 2010s (the 2018 SW/porn crackdown in particular) the website has seemed to be in a constant downward spiral, joining the ranks of Twitter and Reddit in terms of censorship and discourse. Tumblr Live was a failure on all fronts and every attempt to make the site "better" has proven to be moreso about sterilizing the waters, to kill whatever life might be left within, and taking money from its users all the while.
My investment in starting my own site mostly began here, witnessing the slow death of a "good" website and all of my mutuals evacuation from within. I have no reason to believe Tumblr will exist in a useable form for another 5 years. And so here is my personal weblog, a weblog created and curated by me exclusively. This is a centralized archive of my non-fictional writing, image logging, personal endeavours and updates, and essentially my perspective on "current events".

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