Friday, 29 March 2024

It is currently the 19th of Ramadan, meaning the date is approaching lailat al-Qadr, during which I will probably be even more occupied than I already have been but this is why I’ve been slow to update parts of my site I’ve been working on for the last couple months. Icluding this page. This blog page has been renovated significantly from what it originally looked like. I’m very happy with it right now but this is also a note that my site is always always under construction and , this page too might change drastically in the future.
Currently and this is important., I’m working on renovating my library and gallery pages to a more interesting and consistent look to gel better with the way the rest of the site has changed. I am also working on a page to be added, a wholly new one, which will be basically a “webmaster” biography page where I will put things that up to this point have gone into the library, things like fanlistings and other web collectibles. The library’s contents will otherwise remain largely the same though it is being completely reformatted, and it will feature many more links and resources and a dedicated place for my neocities neighbors buttons

Beyond this. I am working on adding a whole section to the site that will be completely stripped down and feature only images, because the site as of now is more of a whole “experience” and it is realistically only accessible to people who both are using a computer, and are not sensitive to bright or flashing colors and moving gifs. I want the contents of this site to be accessible to anyone who would like to see them, especially my links and resources as well as my creations, and it seems to me like the majority of people who would benefit most from the decentralized and accessible nature of something like neocities probably have access to things like mobile phones / smartphones but possibly not something like a Personal Computer. I think this is a relevant issue because of how much talk of web revitalization centers on accessibility and marginalized people having spaces for themselves online and I want to be very clear in saying this is a cause I am for. Both parts of my site will be maintained simultaneously but there will soon be an option when loading my site to be taken to the “reader” version or the “experimental” version.

Ramadan mubarak to any who observe

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