On HTML (and this website)

Thursday, 3 August 2023

In case it isn't obvious, I will admit most of this site is held together by sheer will. Many times I have added a new element to my HTML document only to apply it and have half the page disappear. I guess it's on me for having a hundred gifs and graphics on every page; though I wouldn't want it any other way. I feel more accomplished and excited to continue development with every new thing I learn (or figure out through trial and error.) This has been easily one of the most time consuming hobbies I've ever engaged with, and one of the most rewarding.

As an artist before anything else, my instinct in the development of this site is automated to interesting visual composition over practicality. The HTML is in many ways its own ecosystem, the CSS a breeding ground for disease. I like graphics, and I like making little animations happen, so these things are my main priorities, though it may be to the detriment of one's eyes, or soul.

Just today, in the last hour or two, I figured out how to make these posts show up in this box by just pressing a link! I browsed some websites that I knew had blogs that worked in this way, thinking at first glance this would take a full day of looking through substack threads for someone who would passive-aggressively explain in detail how to make posts show up in one part of the page without needing to make a whole new one. Turns out this is, like, exactly what iframes are for. Blessed be.